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Lackey touches down in the Fort

The most-anticipated new arrival for the 2010 Red Sox arrived in discreet fashion on Wednesday afternoon, pulling into the team’s Player Development Complex after virtually everyone had gone home for the day.

Lackey went out and played catch with Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell and then presumably dropped off some of his belongings in the clubhouse.

Thursday is the official reporting date for pitchers and catchers, followed by physicals on Friday and the first workout on Saturday. Several players took part in an informal workout on Wednesday, as has been the case the last few days. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Tim Wakefield, Kevin Youkilis, Jonathan Papelbon, Ramon Ramirez, Hideki Okajima and Daniel Bard were among those who took the field on Wednesday. Okajima was the only Sox player still on the premises when Lackey made his under-the-radar arrival.

The Red Sox signed Lackey to a five-year, $82.5 million contract in December. The right-hander had spent his entire career with the Angels before becoming a free agent after the 2009 season.

Wednesday is media day

The Red Sox have just announced that the Mike Cameron signing will be announced at 11:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, followed by John Lackey at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Should be an action-packed day for Theo and his crew, not to mention the Boston media.

There will be a whole lot to go over. In particular, I’m curious as to the Red Sox abandoning their usually conservative approach when it comes to free agent starters. Theo Epstein has long been against paying big money for free agent starters, with the exception of Daisuke Matsuzaka, which was a different situation altogether because of the international factor, and that it took a blind bid of $51.1 million just to secure the negotiating rights.

How exactly will Cameron fit in? I would imagine he will platoon with Hermida and rove all over the outfield. Does Epstein think he now has enough offense or does he need another impact bat to replace Jason Bay?

We will have updates aplenty from Fenway throughout Wednesday.

Mad Monday for Red Sox

Who could have predicted such an eventful day for Theo Epstein and his staff? First, reports circulated that John Lackey was in Boston for a physical. Not long after, there were rumblings of a five-year, $85 million deal that will soon be announced, assuming Lackey passed the physical.

Then, there was word that the Red Sox had agreed on a two-year deal with Mike Cameron, who figures to split time in left with Jeremy Hermida while also backing up Jacoby Ellsbury and J.D. Drew.

So ask yourself this: Who would help the Red Sox win more games in 2010? Jason Bay or John Lackey? I guess we won’t fully be able to answer this question until we see how the rest of the offseason shakes out.

Will the Red Sox turn around and trade Buchholz to get a star hitter? Adrian Gonzalez? Miguel Cabrera?

In other words, the offseason is still in full motion for Theo and the Red Sox.

I do like Lackey — a lot. He is one of those tough as nails competitors. The image of Lackey cussing out manager Mike Scioscia when he was given that hook in Game 5 of the ALCS against the Yankees speaks volumes about how much this guy wants to win. If that game was going to be lost, he wanted to be out there. He didn’t want his game decided by his bullpen.

So the Red Sox now have what could be a terrific rotation. Lester. Beckett. Lackey. Buchholz. Dice-K. And, of course, Wakefield.

If there are no more major moves with the offense, the lineup for 2010 could look something like this. Ellsbury-Pedroia-V.Mart-Youkilis-Ortiz-Drew-Cameron-Kotchman-Scutaro. I’m sure Theo has another bat or two up his sleeve, but that is how the tentative current roster would set up.

No official word yet on when the Lackey deal will be announced, but Tuesday seems like a logical guess.

All is quiet — for now

I know everyone is getting restless because the speculation is out there on the Hot Stove front but not a whole lot has happened yet. This is the calm before the storm.

At the end of Thursday — when midnight turns to Friday — all free agents will be eligible to sign with other teams. This is where things will start to pick up.

Obviously with the Red Sox, the big domino is Jason Bay. Will they be able to keep him, and if not, who plays left field?

The Billy Wagner situation is also interesting. Could he actually stay in Boston? The likelihood is still that he will go somewhere else and the Red Sox will get compensatory draft picks.

Then, there is the shortstop situation. Who will it be? Alex Gonzalez? Omar Vizquel? Marco Scutaro? One reason I don’t see them signing Scutaro is because they are so high on Julio Iglesias as the shortstop of the future, and Iglesias might only be a year or two away.

They spoke with John Lackey’s agent, but I don’t see that as a vialbe option. As the most accomplished starter on the market, Lackey is likely going to get big bucks from someone this winter, and when it comes to starting pitchers in their 30s, that someone is usually not the Red Sox.