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A flurry of roster moves in Toronto

SS Julio Lugo has been designated for assignment, ending his disappointing two and a half year run with the Red Sox.

Not really a surprise, and the only mystery now is if Lugo will be traded — with the Red Sox picking up most of the $13.5 million left on his contract — or just give him his outright release.

Mike Lowell is expected to be back on the roster tonight, playing third base. Shortstop Jed Lowrie will arrive tomorrow and it will be interesting to see how the playing time gets distributed between he and Green.

And, of course, there is the spectacle tonight of Clay Buchholz making his first start of the season in what is expected to be a one and done assignment.

Sox lineup subtracts Bay, adds Lugo

Jason Bay is out of the lineup for just the second time this season, with the Red Sox facing a pitcher in Javier Vazquez that he is 2-for-12 against lifetime. But it’s more just a chance to get Bay a day off, then the matchup issue.

Julio Lugo is back in the Boston lineup for the first time since June 13.

“Lugey, when he has been called upon, has actually swung the bat real well,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “He got the bunt down last night. Again, I feel about him like I feel about everyone else. I don’t want to just let him not be sharp enough to help us win games. Greenie has played well, I think everyone knows the background there. I just think it’s a good day for him to play.”

Wake could provide relief

With the bullpen getting taxed in Friday’s 13-inning win, veteran knuckleballer Tim Wakefield volunteered for relief duty on Saturday.

It is Wakefield’s normal side day, and even if he pitches, it wouldn’t affect his next scheduled turn in the rotation, which is Tuesday night against the Marlins.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona is hoping he won’t have to use Wakefield, but was glad to have the option.

“Wake is going to be available and hopefully it’s just one of those [situations] where we can use the guys we want to, and use them correctly, knowing he’s behind them,” said Francona. “If something happened early, that would be a situation [to use Wakefield] also. He’s aware of it. That helps us a lot. Wakey is pitching on Tuesday. We got pretty deep last night.”

Wakefield last pitched in the bullpen in Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS, pitching three scoreless innings to earn the win in a 14-inning epic. Of course, that performance was most remembered for Jason Varitek having three passed balls in that top of the 13th inning, but somehow clutching strike three as the Red Sox got out of it unscathed.

In other news, shortstop Julio Lugo, who had a key pinch-hit on Friday, was in the starting lineup for the first time in eight days.

“He hasn’t played in a while and I don’t know that’s in anybody’s best interest, even maybe [Nick Green],” Francona said. “Giving him a day helps everybody.”

Ian Browne

Youk recovered, back in lineup

BOSTON – After being removed during the past two games with right-leg issues, Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis was back in the lineup Friday night, batting third for manager Terry Francona.

The fact that Youkilis exited in the fourth inning of Thursday’s 6-3 win over the Tigers was purely a precaution.

“You know what, I think he was OK yesterday,” Francona said. “Watching [Miguel] Cabrera [get hurt] runing the bases – and knowing how important Youk is – and having [Mark Kotsay] available, we just thought it made sense. I guess around noon today, he said he was fine, ready to go.”

Youkilis initially had trouble with his leg when Josh Anderson of the Tigers inadvertently kicked him while trying to beat out a double play on Wednesday night.

“Yeah, I feel good,” Youkilis said. “Just had a problem yesterday with my calf tightening up. A little rest – day game after a night game.

In other news, shortstop Jed Lowrie took live batting practice for the first time since left surgery. There is still no precise time-table for his return the the roster.

Why did Julio Lugo start at shortstop for the second straight night with Nick Green on the bench?

“I don’t know,” quipped Francona. “We’re just trying to get the most out of both of them. There’s some things I probably don’t mind sharing and sometimes I just think there’s stuff where I’m trying to make my decision. Millsy and I sit around a lot and talk. There’s certain days I want a certain guy to play for various reasons, whether it’s range or who’s pitching for them. Just looking at it. Just thought, we’ll go with Julio tonight. And, again, we can adjust as we go over the weekend. My point is, it’s not a perfect science.”

Ian Browne

Papi sits against Dontrelle; Lugo back at short

Day game after a night game, with Dontrelle Willis pitching, Terry Francona has given David Ortiz the day off. Papi did take two of his best swings in a while last night, producing a 420-foot out and raking a two-run double.

Despite his unique arm angle, WIllis has struggled far more against lefties this season than righties. Lefties are hitting him at .370, vs. .271 by righties.

Julio Lugo is back at short, with Nick Green sitting for the first time since Saturday.

Drew is DH-ing. Rocco is in right.

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Baseball Armageddon — 2009 style

What a spectacular night at Fenway. The weather could not be better. First of 18 meetings between the Sox and the Yanks.

The reception for Mark Teixeira in his first at-bat was a little disappointing. They booed, but they did not give him the A-Rod treatment. I thought it would be far louder and more passion-filled. And after he made an out, the folks behind the third base dugout didn’t even react when he came back in.

Holy frustration for the Red Sox tonight. Four DPs against Chamberlain over the first five innings.

Anyway, chime in with your thoughts as the night develops

Look for Julio Lugo to start Monday night In Cleveland. Kotsay isn’t far behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw him by the series at the new Yankee Stadium on May 4-5.

Jetting back to the Fort

Yes, the return of Brownie Points is coming. When last I was in Fort Myers five days ago, it was a slow camp. It was by the far the slowest Spring Training in my eight years on the Red Sox beat. And then I left and all you know what broke loose.

Lugo, surgery. Pedroia, injured, and out of the World Baseball Classic. Jon Lester, signed for five years. Jason Bay, no contract extension this spring. Josh Bard, out of a job. Kevin Youkilis, now out of the World Baseball Classic.

Wow. Quite literally, there was NOTHING going on when last I left Fort Myers. Now we have an official Red Sox Spring Training in full motion.

I land in Fort Myers after 11 tonight. Back in to blog and story mode tomorrow.



Lester, Youk, Lugo and other topics

This is obviously terrific news for the Red Sox that Jon Lester is seemingly on the verge of signing a five-year deal, $30 million that includes a $14 million option for 2013. So now the Red Sox, going into the next four to five years, know that they can depend on a sturdy nucleus of Pedroia, Youkilis, Lester and Ellsbury.

It is so hard to find a big, strong lefty like Lester that you can anchor a staff around, so you knew the Red Sox would pounce at the first opportunity to get him secured for the forseeable future.

Of course, the Jonathan Papelbon situation is still year to year, and you wonder if the sides will ever meet up there. Papelbon has made it clear that he wants to get his maximum worth, and the Red Sox might eventually deem that they can get someone like Daniel Bard to do the job at far less money.

Speaking of Bard, I don’t ever remember a prospect who was all but a lock not to make the team having a camp like this. He is just overpowering hitters.

The Red Sox are representing themselves well at the World Baseball Classic. A day after Dice-K got the win for Japan, Youkilis just obliterated a towering home run, his second longball in his many days. Dustin Pedroia might have broken out of his swing, golfing a pitch down the left field line for a double in Team USA’s big top of the sixth inning.

Meanwhile, in Fort Myers, the shortstop situation continues to be intriguing becuase Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie are both playing well.

“They both look good,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona.
“If that ends up being a dilemma, I’d rather have that happen than guys not
playing well.”


Lugo remains confident that he can be the player he was before coming to the Red Sox. 

“Things are going to take care of themselves as long as I’m healthy,” Lugo said.

And fans will be happy to know that the shortstop is working very hard on his defense this spring with new infield coach Tim Bogar.

“Very well, i think Bogar is going to be a big help to me,” Lugo said. “He’s letting me be myself and making plays the way I know how to make it and that’s the way it should be. That’s what got you here. Just refine those skills and that’s it.”

Lugo weighs in; Bay arrives

Julio Lugo, aiming to be the starting shortstop on Opening Day, looks a little more buff this year. But Lugo doesn’t think there’s a big difference.

“Same size. I just
gained like five pounds. Nobody knows because we were in the playoffs. Nobody paid
attention to that. I’m a couple of
pounds more, that’s all,” Lugo said.

If Jed Lowrie beats Lugo out for the job, will the veteran ask for a trade? “We’re going to see
at the end of [Spring Training]. I don’t think like that. We’ll see at the end
of the spring,” said Lugo, who said he know longer feels any pain in the left quad that kept him out of the second half last year. Lugo also confirmed that he would have been back for the World Series, if only the Red Sox had won Game 7.

Today’s new arrival was LF Jason Bay. That leaves  Mike Lowell as the only starting-caliber player not to be spotted in camp. All players will be on the premises tomorrow for physicals.

As for Bay, he was in his typical pleasant mood. Heading into the last year of his contract, he didn’t sound stressed about the situation in the least

“There’s a lot of
factors that go into that,” Bay said. “There’s definitely a lot of positives for me to stay
here. I’m very familiar with it, I love it, as most people do. But it’s not the
end all, be all. Until something concrete comes up in that arena, I really don’t
have much of an opinion on that. I have one year left on my contract. I’m
playing that out and we’ll see what happens. If something comes up before that,
my agent and I would definitely consider it.”

David Ortiz — who is a svelter Papi this spring — will be the headliner later as he holds his first press conference of the year following today’s workout.