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Youk on the offense and Papi

Kevin Youkilis, aside from sporting his new Youk fu facial display, was in a good mood on Sunday as several reporters surrounded his locker.

He is not worked up about the lack of true sluggers beyond David Ortiz.

“I think the
key is if a guy doesn’t hit for a lot of power, the key is, are they giving you
good at-bats? You have a guy like J.D. that can grind out at-bats and take
pitches and he can hit the longball with the best of them. Then you have guys
like Jason Bay, Mike Lowell, all the way down the line, we’re going to grind it
out and have good at-bats. Jed Lowrie is a guy who can give great at-bats. That’s
the key. Just try to have guys who are going to grind it out and we have that. Do
it the the Boston Red Sox way like we’ve done for years, that’s our motto is
grind it out every day.”

And the man they call Youuuuuukkkkkkkk is particularly intrigued by what Ortiz might accomplish with the full health back in his left wrist:

“It’s huge,” Youkilis said. “He
can drive in over 120 runs a year. If he stays healthy and drives in 120, 130,
140 and you have those guys in front of you, Jacoby and Pedey, they’re going to
be on base. There’s a lot of things you can do there.”

And what about silencing the critics?

“David is going
to have a good year if he stays healthy. If he has his confidence, it’s lights
out,” Youkilis said. “The bottom
line with David is I would like David to go out there and honestly go out there
on the field and shut some people up. That’s the best thing to do, for people
who have said, you can’t do it, and he’s getting old, I’d like for him to go
deep in the first three at-bats of the season.”

Pedroia says plenty of pop

David Ortiz’s claim that the Red Sox need another big bat does not seem to be a prevailing theme in the clubhouse. In fact, Dustin Pedroia and Mike Lowell almost seemed to take offense to the notion.

Offense is
definitely not the problem. I know David was talking about that yesterday,
saying we need another bat and all that stuff,” said Pedroia. “We don’t need anything. I think
if David is healthy and Mikey is healthy and they perform like they should, and
everyone performs like they should, we should have a better offense than we’ve
had the last two, three years. I think we need to focus on the guys that we
have instead of the guys that we don’t have.”

“I think we were
second in the American League in runs [last year],” said Lowell. “We’ve got some really good players. I
think David had the luxury of hitting in front of Manny for a lot of years. Not
everyone in the big leagues has that luxury and can still put up numbers. If
you look at him, I think he’s in great shape. Whoever is hitting behind him,
you look at our lineup and I think we have five legit guys who can hit 20-plus
home runs. You’ve got the AL MVP that’s probably going to be hitting in front
of David. So he’s going to be in a spot where he can do a lot of damage. May he
walk more? Sure, why not. Manny walked a ton when I hit behind him. His numbers
were still there. So I’m not worried about David having his numbers. I think
David just has to make sure he’s healthy and then he’ll be able to put up his