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An Opening Day type of lineup

The Red Sox play the Phillies under the lights tonight in Fort Myers, and it’s a pretty good pitching matchup. John Lackey for the Sox, and Cole Hamels for Philly.

Look at the lineup manager John Farrell has posted for today, and it could be the same one you see on April 1 in New York.

Ellsbury CF

Victorino RF

Pedroia 2B

Napoli 1B

Middlebrooks 3B

Gomes LF

Saltalamacchia C

Nava DH

Iglesias SS


No April Fools Joke — Opening Day in Texas

The dawn of another baseball season for the Red Sox brings back memories, a lot of them, on Opening Days past.

I started watching the Red Sox in mid-April of 1980, so this is my 31st year keeping tabs on this team from start to finish of a season. Here are the Openers I remember off the top of my head. I’d be curious to hear all of you chime in on yours.

Opening Day, 1981: Carlton Fisk, playing his first game with the White Sox, stuns and angers everyone at Fenway by belting a game-winning three-run homer against Bob Stanley in the top of the eighth. This one was a crusher.

Opening Day, 1983: This was my first Opening Day as a fan. My mother let my sister and I skip school so we could go to the game. It was freezing. I remember Eckersley got shelled. It was Yaz’s last Opener so it was cool to be there. Blue Jays beat the Sox, 7-1.

Opening Day, 1985: A hyped Red Sox team — they had finished the ’84 season with a great second half — come sout of the gate with a 9-1 win over the Yankees at Fenway. Oil Can went the distance. Rice, Armas and Evans all went deep. They swept the Yankees, but it was not a good season.

Opening Day, 1986:  From the late, great voice of Ned Martin: “We are ready for the first pitch of the 1986 season and here it is, flyball, deep left-center, and … GONE !!!” Ned was stunned. Even he had never seen the first pitch of a seaosn hit out of the park. And the pitcher was Jack Morris. But Kirk Gibson dominated this game, belting two homers, including the game-winner against Sammy Stewart on an 0-2 pitch.

Opening Day, 1988: Lee Smith, the prized new acquisition, gives up a two-run homer to Alan Trammell in the 10th. The headline in the next day’s Herald? “Wait till next year”.

Opening Day, 1991: Jack Clark belts a grand slam at SkyDome. Unfortunately, the rest of his time with the Red sox didn’t go as well.

Opening Day, 2003: Tropicana Field. Bullpen by committee. Walkoff homer by Carl Crawford against Chad Fox. Ouch.

So those are the ones that stand out.

First game at Target Field

With Jacoby Ellsbury out of today’s lineup a day after nearly breaking some ribs, Marco Scutaro became the first hitter to ever step foot in the batters box at Target Field, at least in an official capacity. Here was the first pitch. By the way, he singled the fourth pitch into center for a hit against former Red Sox farm-hand Carl Pavano, who was once traded for some guy named Pedro Martinez.
Yes, today is ribbon-cutting day, and it’s a nice day so far. Enough sun and enough warmth to make us happy we’re outdoors instead of in the Metrodome. Here is a look at the new field, apologies that blackberry photos aren’t the very best.


Now it is really Opening Day

A nice Tuesday at Fenway Park, as we finally get to see some baseball today.

Kudos — Monster Kudos — to the Red Sox for calling yesterday’s game as early as they did. It would have been a disaster having people sit through that monsoon just to cancel it.

With the first pitch scheduled ceremoniously for 4:06 p.m. ET — some left fielder hit .406 back in 1941 — another great Red Sox celebrates his 91st birthday today. Of course, he is also one of the greatest second basemen of all-time. Of course, I am speaking of Bobby Doerr. I hope he catches himself a giant fish today in the Pacific Northwest and catches some of the game. What a tremendous person. Total class act.

Now that the Red Sox have nine straight games without an off-day, manager Terry Francona doesn’t seem all that concerned about how it will affect usage. He said that the one guy he is hesitant to go back-to-back with right now is Takashi Saito. Saito is the one guy who didn’t go back to back agt all during Spring Training.

Look for Rocco Baldelli to make his first start in a Sox uniform on Wednesday night against Scott Kazmir.