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Nightcap, anyone?

Back here for more baseball. Tim Wakefield and Josh Bard have officially been reunited in game action — albeit in an exhibition — for the first time since that ill-fated night of April 26, 2006. That game was in Cleveland, and Bard had four passed balls in a Sox loss. He was traded five days later and Doug Mirabelli came back in the police escort and all that. You remember.

Anyway, things were much smoother here tonight under the bright lights of Hammond Stadium, in this Red Sox-Twins exhibition. There were no mishaps of any kind in the first inning, though Wakefield did give up a double and walk a batter.

In the second inning, Wakefield’s problems had nothing to do with Bard. He just got hit a little bit. Single, single, RBI single, sac fly, bloop RBI single to right.  Next thing you knew, it was 3-0. But the best part of that inning for Bard is that all but three pitches were with runners on base, so it was a great test to see how he’d handle the knuckler under duress. He did fine.

On to other matters: Dustin Pedroia didn’t waste any time making his presence felt this offseason, ripping a double to left-center in his first at-bat.

For all you basketball junkies out there, I am officially on record as saying that Stephon Marbury is going to be a nice fit with the Celtics. He’s trying to build back his value and his image. What better way of doing so then being a nice piece of a potential championship team? Don’t be a hater. Marbury is going to get the job done in Green.

To demonstrate how much I like basketball, I might go to a sports bar and take in a little Celtics-Clippers (10:30 p.m. EST) action once this fine baseball game is over.