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Pedroia out on Fourth; hopes thumb is OK

Dustin Pedroia was not in manager Bobby Valentine’s lineup on the Fourth of July, thanks to some soreness in a different spot of his thumb than what had previous been bothering him.

Pedroia thinks he tweaked his thumb on a diving play in short right field in Tuesday’s loss.

“I was fine during the game and then after the game, I was sore and then today, I’m pretty sore. It’s not in the area I first got hurt. I think when I dove for that ball in right field, I don’t know what happened. Bobby wanted me to not play today, because we have an off-day tomorrow. Hopefully everything [will be OK].”

Still the thumb that hurts? “Yeah, like the back side. I don’t know. I haven’t seen the doctors or anybody. I don’t know, man. I’m just pretty frustrated. It stinks.”

Are you worried? “I don’t know, I kind of have a high pain tolerance so I don’t know. I hope I’m alright.”

Bother you to swing a bat? “I haven’t tried. They told me not to do anything but if they need me to hit, I’ll hit. Whatever they need me to do.”

Pedroia confirmed he will see team doctors in Boston on Thursday, when the team returns home.

Lowell talks about thumb

For the first time since a trade to the Rangers fell through because of his right thumb issues, Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell spoke about the situation.

This, in an interview with’s Rob Bradford, who co-wrote the critically acclaimed Deep Drive with Lowell.

Lowell said he did not downplay the injury to the team’s medical staff at the end of the season.

“I was in constant and open communication about my thumb situation from the moment it happened to every week after,” Lowell said, indicating that the injury started when he fouled off a ball against Cleveland’s Jeremy Sowers in the final series of the regular season.

“I’ve had very open and honest communication with the training and medical staff,” Lowell added in his interview with Bradford. “The day this thing happened it was X-rayed and I told them about the pain, which was Oct. 2. That’s why I didn’t play the other two games. We taped it up in a way that we thought would help me in the postseason. They thought it might be a strain or a bone bruise. I don’t want to lay blame on anybody because in ’07 my other thumb got hurt and they thought it was a strain as well and it ended up being that way and everything settled down nice and easy.”

“I was in constant contact with the training staff and I told them at the two-week (mark) I didn’t feel a difference with my thumb and at the four-week mark it was the same thing and then at the seven-week mark Mike Reinold flew down to Miami to check it out and that’s when they decided to put me in the splint and keep it immobilized for a month. That’s when the thinking was that it might be something more than it was originally thought to be. The first day of the winter meetings was when I was ordered to get an MRI.

“I understand the business. That first day was to make sure the medicals could be sent to other teams. I have no problem in them shopping me around. But I would have preferred to have the surgery in October once the season was officially over. I don’t want to race to Spring Training.”

However, Lowell said that he didn’t expect it would require surgery either.

“Surgery? No,” Lowell said. “I was in a lot of pain in ’07 for a couple of weeks and the doctors told me it was going to get better and it did. I always defer to the medical staff. They know better than me, I’m not a doctor. So I did the same thing in this case, but I did mention concern as the weeks went by I wasn’t getting better.”

Does Lowell think he will still be traded? “I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea. That’s not my department.”