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Terry catches up with Tito

One thing a trip to Cleveland always means for the Red Sox is that Terry Francona always catches up with his father Tito, who lives in Pennsylvania, driving distance from the Indians’ home stadium.

Tito Francona was in the house before and after Monday’s game, conversing with his son.

How is Tito doing?

“I think pretty good,” said Terry. “He went home last night. He’s doing alright. He’s getting a little old. But he’s doing alright. He walked in, me and Heidi [Watney] were doing the interview last night. He walked right in and said, ‘I just came to say goodbye.’ I said, ‘can you wait a minute?'”

The way Terry looks at it, his dad is living a pretty good life these days, and he makes sure to watch just about every Red Sox game on TV.

“He golfs in the morning, he goes to dinner, they watch the game – it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him,” Terry said. “It gives him something to kind of get juiced up about. He loves it.”