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Sometimes there is nothing like a comfy couch

What did Red Sox manager Terry Francona do after a rain-filled night that ended at midnight with a noon game looming today? Naturally, he slept in his office.

Even though Francona lives relatively close to Fenway, going home made little to no sense. Believe me, I would have done the same thing if I had four things he had — an office, a couch, an accessible shower and a change of clothes.

Was the couch comfortable? “Noooo,” Francona said. “I got a lot of work done though. It was good. By the time you shower and drive. then you have to wake up and turn around. I got a ton of the Anaheim stuff done.”

Francona then revelaed a funny story.

“I’ve got to tell you, I went up to the food room at about 2:30 [a.m.], ran into [assistant equipment manager] Pookie [Jackson] coming out of the shower. That’s about as bad a nightmare as you’re going to see,” Francona said.

While Francona spent the wee hours getting ready for the start of the Angels’ series on Tuesday night, most of his lineups had already been decided upon.

He went with an interesting mix in Game 1. David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, J.D. Drew and Alex Gonzalez all got the game off against Matt Garza, who has given the Sox fits the last couple of years.

Ortiz is 2-for-21 against Garza, with both hits being homers. Lowell? 3-for-20. Drew is 3-for-19, and got a very rare start off against a righty. Jason Bay made his first start with the Red Sox as a DH. V. Mart is getting the nod behind the plate, while Tek will catch Lester in the nightcap. Casey Kotchman is starting Game 1 at first base, with Josh Reddick in left and Nick Green at short.

This couild be a monumental day in the Wild Card standings. The Rangers also have a doubleheader. This means that there’s at least a chance Boston’s lead could be as high as five games by the end of the day or as low as one game.