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Game 1 of the ALCS

Thoughts from the first inning:

If that ground-rule double from Kevin Youkilis takes a different kind of bounce, the Red Sox are up 1-0. That’s baseball.

Does Dice-K intentionally try to stress everyone out with the high-wire walk routine? I think not, but I’ve never seen a pitcher who offends so many fans and media members. Maybe I have a bit of a biased view, but I guess I do enjoy the drama of it all.

Thoughts from the second inning:

Dice-K might have had enough dancing with fire in the first, not to mention in Anaheim. A clean, clean, crisp second.

Thoughts from the third inning:

Shields is looking NASTY. But so was Lackey in the first five innings of Game 1 against the LAA. Speaking of Lackey, he really disgraced himself with some of his comments after the Angels ere eliminated.

Thoughts in the bottom of the fifth:

Matsuzaka went from shaky shaky shaky to some of the most dominant pitching we’ve seen from him all year. He’s just mowing through the order right now

Thoughts from the bottom of the sixth:
Got to love those over-shifts. The one Pedroia was in against Pena kept Dice-K’s no-hitter going for an extra inning.

Thoughts from the bottom of the seventh:
The fact that Manny Delcarmen began the inning warming up in the Boston bullpen leads me to believe that Dice-K — 89 pitches through six — wouldn’t have been able to go the distance, no-hitter or not. A clean hard single by Crawford ended the bid.


Those have been the chants around Fenway Park of late, and rightfully so. Dustin Pedroia has had a Tour De Force homestand, ripping the cover off the ball. He’s 13-for-22 for those of you keeping score at home.

At the same time, manager Terry Francona was slightly taken aback by the MVP questions at his news conference this morning if only because everyone was asking him the exact same questions about Kevin Youkilis two weeks ago.

The thing Pedroia has going for him is his infectious nature, and the way everyone in the clubhouse seems to feed off him. That, and the fact he obliterates the baseball.

At any rate, it’s not all about the numbers, but here they are as of Sept. 3:

Youk: .315 average, 82 runs, 149 hits, 36 doubles, four triples, 24 homers, 94 RBIs, .387 OBP, .560 slugging percentage, .947 OPS.

Pedroia: .330 batting average, 108 runs, 188 hits, 43 doubles, two triples, 16 homers, 75 RBIs, .376 OBP, .872 OPS.

Great numbers all-around. If the voting took place at this very second, I would rank Pedroia slightly ahead of Youk.

But there’s still three weeks and change left.

It should make for a great debate. And there are some other fine candidates around the league, including Carlos Quentin and Justin Morneau just to name two.

Recovery for Youk and Coco

A much more standard lineup for the Red Sox tonight has Dustin Pedroia back in the No. 2 spot, with Youkilis batting cleanup and playing third base. Coco is also back, batting ninth. Jeff Bailey is starting at first.

Sept. 1 means no September callups for the Red Sox, at least today. Let’s face it, David Pauley and David Ross basically are September callups, they just hapened to be promoted earlier.

Once Portland and Pawtucket are through, the Red Sox could have some additional moves.

Terry Francona was non-committal when asked about Clay Buchholz today and whether he will resurface this year.

Speaking of Buchholz, tonight marks the one-year anniversary of his no-no — against these very O’s.

Other than that, a very slow Labor Day.

I went fishing this morning with my son Ryan. We both reeled in some nice sun fish and threw them back where they came from. It was a lot of fun. All the usual fishing stuff, rods getting tangled, catching big piles of seaweed, etc. It was a perfect day for it though.